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Since June of 2011, I have grown and expanded on my knowledge of blogging, writing, and reaching out to unique audiences.

If you want to contact me about a long term, short term, guest blogging, or any other type of writing position at your blog or organization, please contact me at the email address noted below. Or, if you want to contact me for any other reason (just don't be a stalker)  that's fine too!

I also love guest writers, so please contact me or check out my guest blogging page for general policies for my guest writers.

I would also love to review your company's products, and I invite you to read several of the product reviews I have already reviewed -

Chocolate Reviews

Coffee Reviews

My Nook Review

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Book Reviews

I am open to considering most products to review on my blog. I also do book reviews, and I encourage any and all writers to reach out to me to review their work (being a writer myself, I love supporting fellow writers!).

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  2. World of My Imagination: Writer Wednesday Blog Hop

    by Nicole Pyles - in 2,209 Google+ circles - More by Nicole Pyles

    Nov 23, 2011 – GOOD JOB-- Dave Trying to make a web site but not grasping the technique so far.

    Hello Nicole

    At least I have my sub-site uploaded

    Now to remake some of my CD's and place old ones up for sale
    See you on WD site

  3. Hi Nicole,
    I've not been receiving any blog prompts. Not been receiving any posts at all actually.


    1. Hi Lyn! Make sure you are signed up to receive emails and that you confirm your subscription!

  4. I have some horror novel excerpts and literary analyses of Shakespeare on my blog (, and I was wondering if I could guest blog here, or be part of the weekly blog hop. Please let me know how I can get involved with that. Thanks. :)

    1. Definitely! I love guest bloggers! Just send me an email npyles86 at gmail dot com! ;)

  5. Got a stump Google every time I asked Google who the little girl in the cult of personality video by living colour is all it tells you is there is a little girl in the video and that it's a metaphor


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